Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Higgs Boson or God or Both?

Scientists have discovered - evolution explains our origins, gravity explains why apples drop, solubility explains salt water and so on. Yet, scientists can't explain why particles exist. Science tells us about the Higgs boson, which some people call the "God particle," but why does there need to be this particle? There are answers to that question, but what about this one: why is there existence in the first place? Science can often tell us about the cosmos, and science may even say, "There is a cosmos because there is a Higgs boson," but why does the cosmos require the Higgs boson? The faithful say; it was G-d, yet under scrutiny the answers of science, religion, and history are full of empty answers. For instance, the faithful can't tell us why is there Gd in the first place. In all disciplines, one "why?" leads to another "why?" ad infinitum until we are forced to contemplate the absurdities of this world, such as why Hashem gave the Jews Torah, or why Allah gave Muslims a Qu'ran, etc.

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