Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Genesis of New Matter and/or Space through Tzimtzum

Imagine a day where we could literally create more space, enlarging our planet so that food shortages and overpopulation are no longer a threat. How, I don't know; but it happened in the creation of the cosmos, and it continues to happen. The universe is expanding. What if we could control how it expands?

How did the matter of the cosmos first arise? This disproves the Law of Conservation of Mass. It must have arisen through the creation of new space, energy, and/or matter. My thinking is that if it arose once, then it should be possible to accomplish the expansion of new space and/or matter again, especially through the actions of humans if we get smart about it.

According to Lurianic Kabbalah, the first hint on how we can accomplish the genesis of new space occurs is in the Book of Genesis. In the Creation Week, G-d tells us that He causes the genesis of creation with “tzimtzum.” Tzimtzum is the Hebrew word for expansion, contraction, and/or separation, which may be how we can expand the universe. What works for Hashem also works for us: But only if we use the holy language. Any scientist seeking understanding should look to the creation account in Genesis. I would say it should be thought of as an inspired "How to" manual.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Combat Red Tides and Leave the Shellfish Alone

Eating shellfish has always been a bad idea. Clams and other shellfish feed on ocean crud thereby cleaning the water. If the ocean was a fish tank, then the shellfish would be the filters keeping the water safe from contaminants. Without the filter the tank grows too much bacteria. Filter feeders are essential because they filter, and when we diminish their numbers, the result is red tides when the clams can't keep up with polluting biological demand.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Predicting Recessions via the Sabbatical Year

In Judaism, the number 7 is very important. The Menorah in Torah has 7 candles. There are 7 days to each week, with Shabbat on the 7th day. The Sabbatical year, which for Jews occurs 1 in every 7 years, has often been a difficult year for financial markets. In the Bible, the command to release debts in the seventh year is in Deuteronomy (15:2).

For Orthodox Jews, this is the year 5775, and since it is a Sabbatical year, at the end of this year debts are to be forgiven. That is 5775 / 7 = 825, meaning this is the 825th Sabbatical year since the beginning of creation. Huh? Maybe there is something to these ancient teachings. Also, please take note; the Hebrew calendar does not begin January 1st. The Hebrew year begins with Rosh Hashanah.

This does not mean that Jews are to blame for anything. The Sabbatical is Gd’s. Gd is sovereign. This just happens to be the way Gd makes things work.

Let me illustrate: it is now 2015 according to the Gregorian Calendar, a Sabbatical year, and financial markets are already showing signs of correction. It does appear that this year will follow the established pattern. The pattern is as such, by subtracting 7 years from 2015, as the Sabbatical occurs every 7 years, we up with the last financial crisis, the Great Recession of 2008. Thus, 2015 - 7 = 2008, a year of recession.

A 3rd example of this market recession pattern is the “Early 2000s recession” that lasted from March 2001–Nov 2001. 2008 – 7 = 2001, a year of recession.

A 4th example is the “1980 recession” that lasted from Jan–July 1980. 2001 - ( 7 * 3 ) = 1980, a year of recession. Thus, it is not only on Sabbatical years that recessions can occur, and more importantly the Sabbatical year does not mandate recession.

A 5th example is the “1973–75 recession” that lasted from Nov 1973 – Mar 1975. 1980 – 7 = 1973 yet another number divisible by 7 that follows the pattern of Sabbatical years.

Friday, January 2, 2015

A New War to Wage – Obesity at Epidemic Proportions

It used to be that people died in battle. It is still that way.  However, the forms are changing.  Now, people are becoming more likely to die from overeating, such that we must wage war again, this time with a silent killer, obesity.
Obese bellies should be considered as having similarity to the unwanted tattoos the Nazis forced on the Jews during the Holocaust.  Obesity is not just killing, but it is maiming its victims.  The morbidity of obesity increases daily, and if it not stopped somehow, it may claim more lives than the Holocaust did.