Wednesday, June 8, 2016

crash bam alakazam – The Stuff Universes Are Made of

The creation of a young earth requires a magnificent demonstration of Hashem’s power.
By power, I mean watts (W), as in the most work done in the shortest time, as in “Let there be Light,” and bam! For Gd to cause us to exist He spoke, yet Hashem did not even need 10 Divine Utterances to create his creation. However, it is partly how He imparted His magnificence to our world.
Be it evolution by punctuated equilibrium or phyletic gradualism, I believe Gd made creation, not only to show His Might, but also His magnificence. Personally, I believe in punctuated equilibrium, as time would be an even greater issue if we believe evolution by phyletic gradualism. However, with the big stuff, Gd seems to work with a crash bam, and an alakazam.

And so it will be that the coming of Moshiach will be with a “bam!” – such a great action so powerful that it can only be in accordance with the Almighty.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Why not Bernie?

I like Bernie, but I am not going to vote for him.

Senator Sanders has many great ideas, as well as a few that I strongly disagree with. However, ideas are one thing, and implementation is another.

I expect Bernie would be blocked so many times by Congress that it would cause dangerous demoralization. Thus, Bernie would come across as an impotent executive, resulting in an economy lacking confidence.