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Seven Year Verifiable Bible Pattern Predicts Coming Financial Instability For 2015

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The Significance of Seven in the Bible:
In Judaism, 7 is a very important number.
For example, a Menorah has 7 candles.
There are 7 days to a week.
The Sabbath is on the 7th day.
The Sabbatical year occurs 1 in every 7 years.
In the Bible, debts are released in the 7th year (Deuteronomy 15:2).
According to this calendar 5775 (2015) is a Sabbatical.  Please note, that according to the Hebrew Calendar ( this is the year 5775.  At the end of a Sabbatical year debts are forgiven.  This is where the problem starts because it can be difficult to forgive debt, which results in recession.
The financial difficulties the USA has been through show a trend to be true counting 7 Sabbaticals in a row; 2015, 2008, 2001, 1994, 1987, 1980, 1973.  
Please verify that 2015 is the year Hebrew year 5775 and that 5775 / 7 = 825, meaning this is the 825th Sabbatical year since the beginning.

The Sabbatical of the Great Recession:
Let me illustrate: it is now 2015 according to the Gregorian calendar, a Sabbatical year, the 825th Sabbatical, and financial markets are already showing signs of correction. The pattern is as such, by subtracting 7 years from 2015, as the Sabbatical occurs every 7 years; we end up with the last financial crisis, the Great Recession of 2008.

2015 - 7 = 2008, the 824th Sabbatical and a year of recession, the Great Recession to be precise.

The Sabbatical of the September 11th Attacks:
A 3rd example of this market recession pattern is the “Early 2000s recession” that lasted from March 2001–Nov 2001.

2008 – 7 = 2001, the 823rd Sabbatical year, and a year of recession due to the September 11th attacks and the Dot-com bubble.

A 4th example of financial difficulty similar to this pattern was a bond market selloff of 1994.
2001 - 7 = 1994, the 822nd Sabbatical year, where there was a bond market selloff.

The Sabbatical of Black Monday:
A 5th example is Black Monday (1987), where there was a historical stock market crash in the year 1987.

1994 - 7 = 1987, the 821st Sabbatical year, and a period of market instability

The Sabbatical of the 1979 Energy Crisis:
A 6th example is the “1980 recession” attributed to the 1979 Energy Crisis that lasted from Jan–July 1980.

1987 - 7 = 1980, the 820th Sabbatical year, and a year of recession.

A 7th example is the “1973–75 recession” that lasted from Nov 1973 – Mar 1975 and was caused by the 1973 Oil Crisis. 1980 – 7 = 1973 yet another number divisible by 7 that follows the pattern of Sabbatical years.

Predictions for March or September:
The Hebrew calendar does not begin January 1st. The Hebrew year begins in September with Rosh Hashanah in the month of Tishri. Nissan, which is March - April, is also a suggested date of when the universe was created.

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  1. "The S&P 500 has risen for six years in a row, but it has never had seven up years consecutively."