Monday, March 30, 2015

Nuclear Weapon Danger

What happens if a USA President elected legally through the system turns renegade? Ever hear of a liar getting elected? Think a liar can’t get elected?

If we don’t believe that our politicians are honest, then I think we should feel some insecurity about them if they wield nuclear weapons. Yeah, I believe we are safe with President Barrack Obama in office, but what is to say the next President won’t be a lunatic? Can we believe what our politicians tell us when they run for office? Let's not have a false sense of security; one day everything may be peaceful, and the next, the game changes when someone sets off one of these nukes for personal reasons.

Nukes are just like guns, and I think the people who are most likely to get hurt by them are their owners. This is a fact: if states own nuclear bombs, then it is highly likely that eventually they will be used. Thus, France’s and Great Britain’s nuclear arsenal are absolutely a threat. Thus, the USA’s nuclear weapons are absolutely a threat. All nuclear weapons are a threat!  They are built to inspire fear to enemies, such that they feel THREATENED into submission.

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