Sunday, February 8, 2015

Transient Physics of The Evolving Universe

Ask yourself these two questions:

1.  It is well known now that the universe is expanding.  Please Google something like, "Expanding universe," if there is any doubt as to the authenticity of this claim.  Consider that as the universe changes size, will its expansion cause physical laws to evolve, such that a universe’s physical laws are impermanent and in need continual reevaluation?

2.  This may not seem obvious at first, but when asking: Do scientists claim that the laws of our universe existed prior to its creation? hopefully it should become clearer.

Physical laws, which govern our universe are not absolute because they had to have evolved as the universe chronologically expands from nothing.  This currently means that at this time different equations for calculations are used, actual equations verifiable through data, that are size dependant, as one cannot use an equation for the large when calculating the physics of the very small (involving quantum physics), nor can they calculate the converse, very small for very large; and what's more it is currently impossible to calculate both big things and very small things together in the same equation!  The laws of the physical universe often depend upon dimensions, but yet the dimensions of the universe are continually changing!

Therefore, I suggest that the explanation for the mathematical discrepancies between the physics of the large and quantum reality (physics of the small.) are actually both transient, such that constants must be added that adjust for discrepancies.  

As a religionist my thought is that as we enter the age of Moshiach, the physical laws the govern the universe will continue toward perfection and ease of use, such that one day we will have a confluent mathematical system for all calculations both large and very small.

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