Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Problem of Oligarchy to the USA

Small businesses should be able to compete with big businesses. They have been unable to for some time. Big businesses took over the USA economy, such that the system of government is more similar to as oligarchy than a democracy.  An oligarchy is a small group of people that make all the decisions in the country. I propose that the USA oligarchy has far too much power in Washington.

The USA oligarchy has an inordinate amount of power, and we will see this in the next election, as media is always slanted. The lobbyists in Washington of this oligarchy essentially have the power to control legislation through monetary influence, and it has the power to correct the many trillions of dollar debt in a short time, but it is not doing so, no thanks to the legislature.

It is not that I say, "If you are rich, then you are a bad person."  Many wealthy individuals are good people.  However, this wealth has the potential for abuses, such as how the Koch brothers are trying to buy the legislature.

The USA oligarchy to which I refer largely consists of those companies in the Fortune 500. In fact, this oligarchy probably has the power to make President Barrack Obama popular or unpopular based upon its whims.

Who can know the extent of Wal-Mart’s power, and companies like it? Right now, it is a guessing game, but there are those, such as Bernie Sanders, that report this power is far too great and are angry because of it.

Who then should pay most of the taxes? I suggest that the businesses in power, particularly the Fortune 1,000 should pay virtually all of the taxes. This is a radical reform, but they are the ones that hold the money, and they are the ones who dominate.  It takes big government to protect big business, so we should turn to the people who the government does the most for.  That is only fair.

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