Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Facebook Complaint Causes Need for Major Overhaul

Good grief! When will Facebook allow multiple channels so we don't have to miss out on what we like? I want to be able to toggle between animals, music, politics, etc.  Sometimes I might want to shuffle or randomize my channels.  This is not new technology.  Randomization has been a part of music players since the shuffle button was invented, and then they probably borrowed that idea from something earlier, like the lottery.

Facebook SHOULD STOP TRYING TO FIGURE OUT A SINGLE INTEREST FOR ME, and recognize that its customers', such as yours truly, likely have many interests, especially interests that are not being catered to!

We are frustrated with Facebook!

The solution is to make Facebook.com similar to Pandora.com, asking customers how we want our feeds grouped.  Let us switch between user tailored preferences.  For each like I have in a particular group, ask me if I favor this sort of material in my feed, not whether I "like" it or not.

I don't like horrors, yet I feel some things in the news should be reported on that I don't like.  It is a problem for honest people if we don't like horrors, because when Facebook.com sees us not liking it, not matter how horrible it is, they jump to the conclusion that we don't want it in our feeds.  Rubbish! 

This is a complaint that people have had about Facebook since the beginning, and that is Facebook is telling its users what they like according to Facebook's idealistic grouping, and not serving its customers.

Dear Facebook, please put me in control of my feed!

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