Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hatred of Power: Similarity of Frustrated Americans to Bin Laden

Has the anti-corporate American tribe ever stopped to analyze how similar they are philosophically to Osama Bin Laden? Many have joined the ranks of folks that are angry at the power of Corporate America; be they the Occupy group, Muslims, especially those in the USA, possibly even the majority of citizens, that feel disenfranchised, especially by the oligarchy.

Collectively, people demand $15 an hour, and started the Occupy Wall Street that led to so many arrests, protests everywhere but differently 9-11 united us. And, don't forget the protests following the Occupy movement. It makes more sense to me that those that denigrate corporate America would champion Osama Bin Laden, stamping on and cursing the dirt of the most capitalist buildings in the world, the twin towers, also known as the World Trade Center.

I would find it interesting to see how the Occupy NYC group would have behaved in response to September 11th. Imagine protesters everywhere on the street cursing capitalism with all their hearts, and then come the planes flying into the World Trade Center. I guess that I'll never know what that response would be.

Basically, we can know that 9-11 was an issue of power and not capitalism because Mohammed, himself, was a capitalist.  We had the power to carve up the Arabian Peninsula, and despite the anger of the natives, we did it anyway.  The anger was specifically spite that in 1921 there was a Conference where the West carved up the Arabian Peninsula without regard for the Arabs. Of course that was offensive to Muslims not only because the Qu'ran calls for Islamic gov't, but also because any nation would want to be sovereign in their homeland. The same thinking is essentially what led USA to revolution, meaning we didn't want to be colonies of Britain. We wanted our own leadership.

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